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Your challenge this week is to notice when and where you’re beating yourself up and/or barraging yourself with questions? Asking yourself, “Why am I doing what I’m doing? When is the right time to make this next move? How can I possibiliy make the change I’m seeking? Or deal with what I’m dealing with? What […]

Weekly Challenge

Everything old is new again – if you allow it.

I love seeing things differently. Learning new things. Realizing something I never considered before. Exploring various perspectives. And the only way to go about doing any of these things is to ask questions…lots of them. Of yourself. Of others who know better. Of others who think differently. Of the world in general. In the process […]


Seek to understand more. To gain a new way of seeing. To be more open. Joy comes with knowing you can’t possibly figure it all out. The not knowing – and acceptance of it – is the sweet spot. It’s the space where answers come. Connect with your inner-child, which is always there, and keep […]

Weekly Challenge

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