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Want PEACE? PICK where What area of your life do you feel unhappy about? Frustrated with? At a complete loss? Is there an area where you just can’t seem to solve a problem? Where you can’t find ease? Where you can’t bring what you want to fruition? Be specific. If you have a whole list […]

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So you want to feel at peace, do ya?

Pathway to Peace #1: Big Blue Dog Bone My first big lesson in acquiring peace came one day about eight years ago, lying face down on my home office floor – wailing like a toddler in a Target aisle having been denied the dollhouse of her dreams. But rather than a dollhouse, it was real […]


To someone(s) or something(s) that was once a part of your life. Open yourself up to the potential for healing. Physically make contact if you are willing or able, but if not, either way – give thanks for that experience and/or that person – and find appreciation.

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