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You don’t have to have it all figured out, Einstein!

Herein lies the problem. Making resolutions inadvertently assumes that there are things that need to be resolved. Dealt with. Settled. Solved. Figured out. This approach – while well-intentioned – places all the focus on what’s “wrong”. On what you believe needs to be improved upon, changed or even eliminated. It utilizes perception and interpretation of what […]


Shhhh. Do you hear that? It’s your soul speaking.

I have had some great Adventures in my life thus far! Swimming into an enormous crashing waterfall in order to view it from behind. Climbing, rappelling, skiing, biking and snow-shoeing up, down and through mountains. Running and biking for miles and miles. Swimming in mind-altering, potential heart-stopping, freezing-temperature waters. Hiking out of the Grand Canyon […]


The Adventuresome Life

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