Speaking & Coaching

My speaking and coaching services are built on the same premise as everything we do here at TAL. How do we create and experience EVERY DAY AS AN ADVENTURE in order to create the life, career, environment, team, family, community, world or reality that we want? That we know to be possible but seems to always be out of reach? That constantly evades us to the point of our gradual and continual demise?

Does anyone reading this identify? Does the word “frustrated” come to mind? Have you ever found yourself saying, “I’m so tired”? Do you find yourself constantly trying harder and attempting to give more, but becoming continually more frustrated and depleted? I’m all too familiar with that vicious circle.

My speaking and coaching services are a more customized and personalized option for individuals, groups or companies. The process starts with an initial connection in order for me to more clearly understand you or your group, what some of the specific pitfalls and challenges are, and what the vision is for where you want to go.

Then I use that information to share actionable steps to building awareness, creating accountability and empowerment, and ultimately, achieving a desired outcome—and experience some fun and adventure along the way.

If you want to inquire further about reserving a date(s) for personal/group coaching sessions, and/or my availability to speak at a meeting, conference or event, OR you just have some additional questions, please email [email protected]We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

The Adventuresome Life

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