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Give it your ALL – whether that’s IN or OUT

Some of my most satisfying and rewarding experiences in life have come from my can-do, make-it-happen, no-matter-what mentality –  topped off with a heaping dose of refusal to quit. What some people like to refer to as “stubbornness” –  but I’d prefer to call “tenacity” –  has allowed me to finish marathons, ultra-marathons and triathlons. Compete in multi-day adventure races. (Read More)

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From the Golden Arches to the Golden Ticket

Last week I watched the move “Founder” about Ray Kroc, the man who founded McDonald’s. “Founded”. Kind of like the phrase “Finders keepers, losers weepers,” you may have heard or repeated on your elementary school playground – as tears welled up in at least one child’s eyes. Ouch! The story shares how one man “improved upon” and arguably stole the (Read More)

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So you want to feel at peace, do ya?

Pathway to Peace #1: Big Blue Dog Bone My first big lesson in acquiring peace came one day about eight years ago, lying face down on my home office floor – wailing like a toddler in a Target aisle having been denied the dollhouse of her dreams. But rather than a dollhouse, it was real life that was causing my (Read More)

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Boots, Class & a Little Sass

Well, I’m back in the saddle again! I lost my way for a bit. Became worn out and saddle sore. Got bucked off my horse. And dragged along behind for far too long. AND finally, found myself face down in the mud! So, I decided to take the advice of a dear, long-time friend who was born and raised in (Read More)

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Everything old CAN be new again

The great Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “He who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead.” As we grow older and begin thinking that we have it all figured out – or at least thinking we should by now – we often deduce that there is nothing to look forward to in (Read More)

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