My theory is that if we really want to live life to its fullest, we have to be able to apply what we learn to our REAL DAY-TO-DAY LIFE.

I want Adventuresome Lifer’s to be inspired, feel understood, gain knowledge and become aware, but then what? The experiential portions of The Adventuresome Life are where the rubber meets the road.

Clark W. Griswold: “Let’s burn some dust here, eat my rubber!”

Russ Griswold: “Dad, I think you mean ‘burn rubber, eat my dust.’”

Clark: “Whatever, Russ. Whatever.”

– Christmas Vacation (#1 favorite movie of all time … just sayin’)

TAL Online Courses, Live/Online Workshops, and Intensive Experiential Retreats will lead you through actionable steps and experiences that will offer you guidance, tools and the opportunities to discover and apply what works specifically for you in your life.

We have been working feverishly for the past year to get the FREE blog and online community up and running. Our next task is to deliver workshops, events, courses and retreats. Keep checking in periodically to see our updates. We will also send you an email when any of these options are being made available. This is the part I look forward to most. Can’t wait to meet you all in person!

In the meantime, if you have any requests or questions specifically about events, workshops, courses or retreats, email us at [email protected].

The Adventuresome Life

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