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In the wake of terrorist attacks, hate crimes, threats of nuclear war, and an enormous spotlight on divided beliefs and nations – it’s important to remember that we can all do our part.

And what is your part?

The same as mine. The same as hers. The same as his. The same as theirs.

It’s to remember who you really are – underneath all the conflict, drama, intimidation, fear and judgment.

And therefore, to remember those same qualities in others.

Exercise compassion.

A lot of, “I see you in me”. “I see me in you”.

It starts with taking ownership of your own actions, your own words, your own thoughts.

Let’s practice.


  • PICK where

What area of your life do you feel unhappy about? Frustrated with? At a complete loss? Is there an area where you just can’t seem to solve a problem? Where you can’t find ease? Where you can’t bring what you want to fruition?

Be specific. If you have a whole list – work with one area at a time.


  • PLAN how

In order to achieve any goal – including peace – the key is to start with exactly where you are and work with the elements that only you can control.

What specifically are YOU doing that is allowing a lack of peace in your life having to do with your chosen subject matter or relationship? Make a list of actions/interactions you’re participating in.

Then take it a step further. What are you telling yourself that keeps you in a state of anger, unrest, sadness, frustration, desperation, fear, helplessness or disgust? This has to do with the thoughts swimming around in your head.


  • Make a PACT

Decide that peace in that particular area is your ultimate goal and make a pact with yourself to do whatever it takes to experience and offer peace. Make a list of the thoughts and actions that you can change. Not the thoughts and actions of others involved in any of these scenarios. But rather your own choices, behaviors, beliefs, boundaries.

Write them as “I will….” statements.


I will allow __________ to make her own choices and learn from her own mistakes – even if that makes me feel like I’ve failed somehow.

I will walk away for at least 5 minutes in order to compose myself and gather my thoughts before responding in stressful, frustrating or heated interactions.

I will tell myself I forgive myself, every time I realize I am being judgmental…whether it is towards myself or others.

I will not blame anyone else for my current state of affairs. I will own my “failures” as well as my “successes”.



I recommend choosing one thing at a time to work on. Committing to 40 days is a great way to form a habit. But maybe a week works for you. Or you want to focus on a new area everyday. Or a month at a time. Or maybe you have one major area you want to focus on for an entire year.

However you slice it, put into action that what you say you want. Practice peace. Offer it to others. Accept it for yourself.


  • PAY Attention

I recommend you write about your experience with the PEACE Adventure Challenge in your TAL journal. Answer all the questions above. Journal what you learn. Where you get tripped up. Notice and document when and where you feel peace naturally and when and where you attain it through new choices. And even where you lose your shit – again.

As you move through this Adventure Challenge exercise, remember PEACE option #2 from the blog: If you can’t have peace now, make peace with that.

As always, if you have questions, a story or insight please share in the comment below.


Start somewhere. Anywhere. Just make movement. DO something towards what you say you want.

Even the tiniest of steps will help you remember. Will motivate you to DO more. Will give you joy, strength and more clarity – in addition to that which you say you want.

What list of demands does your head barrage you with when you ask this question?

How does that differ from how your heart and soul answer the same question?

Can you relax into not having the answers but knowing they exist?

Write your answers to these questions and whatever else comes up for you in The Adventuresome Life 52-Week Journal (FREE DOWNLOAD).

This week’s Adventure Challenge is pretty matter of fact.

Seek Adventure in EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything.

Adventure requires you to be bold; daring; take risks, be corageous. It can be humbling. It may feel hazardous, dangerous or perilous at times. It usually involves excitement, the unknown and taking chances.

Adventuresome choices are almost always preceeded by a dose of fear.

Find it in your work.

In your relationships.

In your day to day comings and goings and doings.

In your whatever you’re going through in life.

Take notice. Appreciate it exactly as it is. Find the Adventure in that moment, experience or exchange.

Then write about it in your FREE TAL 52-week Adventure Journal.  Here’s a link to an original copy if you haven’t already downloaded your copy from the home page to your desktop.


Your challenge this week is to notice when and where you’re beating yourself up and/or barraging yourself with questions?

Asking yourself, “Why am I doing what I’m doing? When is the right time to make this next move? How can I possibiliy make the change I’m seeking? Or deal with what I’m dealing with? What now?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re already strong. Strong enough to even ask the questions. Strong enough to face change. To be willing to grow. To want more than what you have accepted up to this point in your life. To dare to dream bigger.

And when you’re unable to identify or tap into your own strength – ask for help. From the universe, God, source energy, your guides, a mentor, a trusted and reliable friend, or whatever form speaks most to your heart and beliefs. “What is this experience here to teach me? What should my next move be? How do I take what has happened or what my current circumstances are and turn it into something that feels good? That betters myself and others in the process?”

The answers might not be instantaneous or obvious, but just by asking the questions – being willing – you open your heart and mind to something different. Something you might not be able to see for yourself. Something lovely, and useful that exists – that is possible – and is just waiting for you to be receptive enough for it to manifest.

We’ll be exploring some of the questions, answers and possibilities at The Inaugural Adventuresome Life Retreat Nov. 5th & 6th. There is still space available. Register today!

Dangerous ENOUGH – that is – to step outside of your comfort zone.

This week’s challenge is all about doing something that is a little – or a lot – out of your ordinary, will make you feel uncomfortable and challenge existing fears,  but will leave you feeling totally exhilarated and elated.

Maybe it’s something BIG like jumping out of a plane – with a parachute of course. (I said dangerous not death wish)

Or committing yourself to a 60-day body transformation challenge. (Watch out on this one – you just might get in the best shape of your life!)

Or simply eating at a new restaurant and/or trying a different food.

Or traveling someplace you’ve never been – maybe even somewhere where you don’t speak the language.

Or taking up a new hobby – something that has interested you since you were a child, but you never got around to doing.

Or sitting down and having a respectable conversation with someone affiliated with a political party different than your own or of a different culture or religion – with the intention of learning more about them.

Or maybe open your heart and allow one of the largest perceived dangers out there into your life – LOVE.

It doesn’t matter what the “dangerous” thing is. It just matters that you do something that you have been putting off or avoiding altogether. Maybe it never occurred to you before.  Or is something completely outside of your box or your perceived realm of possibility. Or you’ve just been too afraid or hurt to try – or try again.

Whatever the “dangerous” thing is for you –  write it down in your FREE TAL 52-Week Adventure Journal. Along with:

Why you want to do it.

Why you haven’t done it up to this point.

What scares you about it?

What excites you.

What are the steps you’re going to take to make it happen?

And make sure to come back to your Journal and write about the experience once you carry it out. And be sure to share with the TAL community below too. It’s important to share our stories of making strides, facing challenges head on and overcoming perceived limitations in our lives, in order to encourage others to do the same for themselves.