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Boots, Class & a Little Sass

Well, I’m back in the saddle again! I lost my way for a bit. Became worn out and saddle sore. Got bucked off my horse. And dragged along behind for far too long. AND finally, found myself face down in the mud! So, I decided to take the advice of a dear, long-time friend who […]


Here’s to being Adventuresome…and all that comes with it.

Recently, I convinced my personal trainer to be my partner in a local Adventure Race. It may seem like it should be the other way around since my race partner, Payton, is a health and fitness professional, was a Big 10 collegiate athlete and just happens to be 19 years my junior. You may remember […]


This week’s Adventure Challenge is pretty matter of fact. Seek Adventure in EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. Adventure requires you to be bold; daring; take risks, be corageous. It can be humbling. It may feel hazardous, dangerous or perilous at times. It usually involves excitement, the unknown and taking chances. Adventuresome choices are almost […]

Weekly Challenge

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Weekly Challenge

What is The Adventuresome Life all about?

Reserve the first weekend in November for The Adventuresome Life’s Inaugural Experiential Retreat & Workshop! It will take place in the Des Moines Metro surrounding area. Expect an Adventure! More details coming soon. The Adventuresome Life is designed to engage, educate, challenge, support, entertain and inspire you. When you sign up to receive FREE weekly Adventuresome tips & tools (Read More)


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