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You don’t have to have it all figured out, Einstein!

Herein lies the problem. Making resolutions inadvertently assumes that there are things that need to be resolved. Dealt with. Settled. Solved. Figured out.

This approach – while well-intentioned – places all the focus on what’s “wrong”. On what you believe needs to be improved upon, changed or even eliminated. It utilizes perception and interpretation of what has been in order to determine what can be now.

What you have believed, thought and been willing and able to accept up till now has got you exactly where you are. Go you! Good job.

But if reaching beyond your current reality is what you seek, a new level of thinking – and a whole lot of imagination – is required.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them.

– Albert Einstein

Don’t get me wrong. Your personality is important. Your own personal genius. Flavor. Uniqueness. Individuality.

But it’s time to let your personality serve your soul – not the other way around. You can’t expect your expansive, inclusive, all-encompassing soul to be fulfilled by a lil’ resolution that was created from the same mind that has, up till now, kept you from the reality you want.

I define the soul as the essence of who we are, despite any human experiences, episodes and encounters. It’s us at our core – beyond our five senses, interpretations and judgments of the world. It’s our natural, beautiful, infinite, peaceful and passionate state of being.


From The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav:

(In reference to the writing and works of William James, Carl Jung, Benjamin Lee Whorf, Niels Bohr and, my personal favorite, Albert Einstein – who Zukav refers to as mystics.)

“…in the depths of their own thoughts they each saw much too much to be limited by the five senses…”

“…I came to understand that what motivated these men was not Earthly prizes or the respect of colleagues, but that they put their souls and minds on something and reached the extraordinary place where the mind could no longer produce data of the type that they wanted, and they were in the territory of inspiration where their intuitions accelerated and they knew that there was something more than the realm of time and space and matter, something more than physical life.”

“…what motived these men, and many others, was in fact something of great vision that comes from beyond the personality. Each one of us is now being drawn, in one way or another, to that same great vision. It is more than a vision. It is an emerging force. It is the next step in our evolutionary journey.”


What am I getting at here? This: The materialization of our ideas, dreams and visions ends at our own perceived boundaries and limitations.

The answer is not to define a NEW boundary and limitation. It is to accept that there are no boundaries, that the possibilities are truly limitless.

Don’t accept jumping from one lily pad to the next. Leap out of the pond and into the ocean.

What’s motivating you in 2017? What’s your vision? Look deep within your soul for the answers. Don’t resolve. Create freely instead. Allow expansion and openness in your heart and mind.

Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

  1. Start with your head – the mind – and make space. Clear whatever thoughts, judgments, fears, doubts you might have about what has been, what you want and how you’re going to get there.

My favorite technique is to identify the thought. Label it “thinking.” Nothing more. It just is. And then drop it. Let it go. Release attachment.

2. Open your heart. Be receptive to possibility. To not knowing. To trusting. To having faith. To allowing and having willingness to participate and trust things you don’t already know or can’t see.

Try new things. Take chances. Be silly. Allow fear to come and go.

3. Acknowledge and enjoy what the external world then reflects back to you. You will either experience things differently (perspective). Or circumstances and surroundings will actually change (physically). Take time to notice. Celebrate even the smallest of shifts.

As we enter this new year, take this week’s Adventure Challenge! Let go of what you believe you know to be true in order to make room for a new reality and possibilities beyond your current understanding.

This year, instead of deciding what you think you want, maybe it’s time to simply ask, “What now?”

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60 Days to Change!

I never could’ve imagined getting the physical results I did. That a body transformation challenge would so drastically help transform all areas of my life. I said “no” to a lot of excuses, habits, foods, distractions and other past priorities during the challenge. I discovered that what I got out of the challenge equally matched what I was willing to put into it. – Dana Shane


Physical Lessons I learned:

  • How to eat in order to fuel my body for optimal performance in fitness and day-to-day life, rather than exercising to counteract unhealthy nutrition choices – producing significant results in my physique as well as my psyche.
  • Strength training and lower zone heart rates burn fat more effectively and efficiently. Who doesn’t love that?!
  • Life-long health and fitness is a team sport – you will have more substantial permanent results when you seek the guidance of professionals and surround yourself with health conscious peers and community.
  • By the time you – or anyone else – starts noticing a difference in your physique, you will already have put in a lot of work and discipline. So it helps to be clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing and remember it every day – every moment if necessary. In other words – it all starts with your head!

But the physical improvements that came out of the challenge ended up being secondary to the transformational life lessons I learned.


Life Lessons I learned:

  • You will get out of any experience, exactly what you are willing to put into it. If you’re “thinking about it” or “sort of committed”, it will continue to be something you’re thinking about or you sort of make happen.
  • You can’t stay comfortable and expect to grow. Plain and simple. You have to be willing to try new things. To step into uncharted territory. To make attempts at things you don’t know you can do.
  • In order to make change you have to be willing to admit that what you’re doing already is not working (even if you think it should be). Be willing to learn and open yourself up to new information and possibilities. Accept support and guidance. “Wanting” something is not enough. Wanting it so much you’re willing to do exactly what it takes to make it happen is everything.
  • Achievement lies in the day to day DOING. The action. We all have things we would like to accomplish. But it takes daily commitment, focus and discipline to get there. Make a plan. Focus on the moment you’re in. Do what needs to be done each day. Then wake up and do it again the next. Tweak and improve your plan when you learn something new and beneficial that works for you.
  • Nothing is ever accomplished alone. So put yourself out there. Ask for support. Surround yourself with people who want what you want – for you. A lot of us hide our dreams and goals for fear we won’t actually accomplish them. Take that fear out of the equation and go for it!

If you’re inspired to participate in the Lifetime Athletic Club 60-day Body Transformation or Weight Loss Challenge, a new challenge just started this weekend, and you can still sign up. If you live in blood sugar levels the Des Moines area, and you’re looking for a trainer to get you started or guide you all the way through, get in touch with Payton Mass. He’s a miracle worker!

P.S. The photos have not been altered in any way, but there was tanning involved…obviously!

But really I hope this inspires you to go after anything you want in your life. Don’t forget to take the Weekly Challenge and write about it in your FREE TAL Weekly Adventure Journal.

Going after something you want is truly an Adventure! You will always learn something from the experience, and who knows you might just get exactly what you want – and then some!

To see more before and after photos from my body transformation challenge and to read more about what I did and why I did it go to:


Lifetime Athletic Club members can STILL VOTE now through August 22nd, 5 p.m. CST, one time per day. If you’re a member and you’re inspired and think I deserve to win, please vote!