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Game. Set. Match. Touchdown. Huh?

Let’s just say today’s blog starts with a heated game of tennis – literally. Sun shining down. No shade. 95 degrees. Peak humidity. It was Father’s Day, and my mom’s side of the family gathered in my grandparents’ hometown to celebrate. Despite the heat, a group of us, including my uncle and cousins, decided we […]


We cannot overcome fear with more fear. We cannot eliminate hatred by hating. We cannot educate ignorance by being ignorant ourselves. We must open our hearts. Even when we have been wronged or hurt. Be gentle with yourself. Every individual’s journey is unique. But know this. We must love one another. We must know that […]

Weekly Challenge

Good vs. Bad. Is it really that simple?

I don’t recall anyone ever saying to me, “Dana Shane, life is all about feeling good.”  So where did that expectation come from? I guess it makes sense. If any one of us were asked in a given moment, “Do you want to experience something that feels good or something that feels bad?” – what […]


The Adventuresome Life

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