Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel? Found yourself saying, “What the F***”? Life seemingly keeps getting harder, sadder, more difficult.” Or, “I SHOULD be happy. I SHOULD be grateful. I SHOULD be doing this, or have that or feel this way. I know my life is good, why don’t I FEEL good?” Do you recall a time when you felt joy and fulfillment, but it’s been so long ago—inconsistent and fleeting—that it’s a distant or fading memory?

If you’re REALLY being honest with yourself, have you found yourself (1) wondering why you just can’t be happy or satisfied with your current life, (2) feeling tortured by trying to figure out what could possibly make you happy “if only” this or “if only” that, (3) feeling like you have some idea of what makes you happy (or at least what definitely does not make you happy), but find it impossible to take the steps toward consistent and lasting change, (4) feeling trapped in a world of illusion: “I’m happy. Really I am. NO REALLY. Can’t you see how happy I am? Isn’t it obvious? I’m doing everything right, so I must be happy”?

Hiking from the south rim of the Grand Canyon down to Havasu Falls (highly recommend).

I created The Adventuresome Life to help fabulous, driven, multi-passionate, spirited, sexy, sensitive, over-committed, and often times, under-appreciated women just like you (and just like me) find more joy, fulfillment and purpose in our lives exactly as they are, simultaneously taking supported steps toward creating the life of our dreams and beyond.

Along the way, I have discovered, that many of our male counterparts relate and the mission of TAL resonates with them deeply. Living an adventuresome life is not limited by age, gender, sexuality, geographic location, socioeconomic status, religious or spiritual preferences. The more human beings living  passionate, purposeful and fulfilled lives the better!


I found my passion and life’s work in asking the above questions—exploring and implementing solutions—and I have fun doing it. It only made sense to share.

My dissatisfaction with my thoughts and feelings about aspects of my life started a journey that I now see as an adventure, each and every day—from cleaning the linen closet or taking the dog for a walk, from the joy of giving birth to the sorrow of letting go of life and relationships, and from sliding down a waterfall to climbing a silo and then jumping off, backward.

Equalizer 50 mile
Running the 24 Hour Equalizer Race around Gray’s Lake in Des Moines, IA. I finished somewhere around 70 miles. Brutal and life-changing.

Finding your own personal mixture and balance of day-to-day life enjoyment and thrill-seeking, bust-outside-of-your-boundaries exploration is what I have found to be the formula for a life well-lived. And I need constant support and reminders!

Last time I checked, the only thing every person can absolutely know for sure is that we have a limited time on this earth. What if almost every day could feel like “Wahoo!”? What if life situations that cannot feel that way lead us to learn, grow and appreciate those “Wahoo!” moments even more and, ultimately, open us up to more “Wahoo” moments?

Seeking and discovering your individual, personalized answers to life’s questions can be simpler and more enjoyable than it may seem. Life is a constant, in flux, exploration rather than a specific destination to reach. Knowing and remembering that offers a complete transformation of perspective—and, therefore, experience.

I’ve spent the past 12 years researching, collecting, developing and sometimes eliminating stories, strategies, tools and insights that have helped me transform my experience of life. They continue to support me each and every day. Nothing is a quick fix—not if you’re looking for lasting benefits! It really is a journey, a muscle that has to be developed, an infant that requires nurturing, affection and attention.

With guidance, inspiration, support, understanding and community, it can not only be done, but it can be fun, rewarding, enlightening, effective and exhilarating!

2015-05-18 08.25.53
“Out on a Limb” at Miraval Resort in Tuscon, Arizona. The perfect example of “feel the fear and do it anyway”!

In a nutshell, TAL is a culmination of the following:

* 42 years of living.

* 5-10 specific, intensive, head-to-the-ground, “How can this be? What now?” moments  that I have somehow survived.

* A 4-year collegiate education and degree in communication studies with an emphasis in advertising, design and marketing.

* An 18-year career in advertising and marketing, studying why people decide to do what they do and how to create messages that educate, encourage and entice.

* 12 years of the mind-warping experience that only being a parent can provide (I’m convinced nothing brings us more joy and guilt all wrapped up into one package). Being a mother to my son is truly my greatest gift, both in giving and receiving.

* 10 years of the process of meeting the man I was convinced was my “one-and-only” lifetime partner, all the way through to the moment I decided that the most loving thing I could do was to let our marriage come to an end.

* 9 years of dating since then, the process of healing the wounds of my past and the courageous men who have escorted me at different times on that journey.

* Over 20 years of the most amazing female friendships and support systems that have seen me (and the lovely ladies that I have had the privilege of calling my friends, family and mentors) through the ups and downs of life. (They have been my greatest teachers, cheerleaders and guinea pigs…lol.)

* A lifetime love of people sharing their knowledge, imagination and experiences through books, television and the internet with the intention of helping others. (Many of these people and items will be mentioned from time to time in my blogs and materials as inspiration/suggested resources.)

* 13 years of dedicated and ruthless searching and experimental application of what it means to be alive and how to live more of the life that I believe is available to all of us, provided we can get out of our own way.

* 6 years of extreme physical and mental endurance and adventure.

* 2 years of devoted and intentional creation and development of the company that is now TAL.

* A continued desire each and every day of my life to take all these bullet points and turn them into SOMETHING.

Something important.

Something useful.

Something worthy.

Something purposeful.

Something fun.

Something dynamic.

Something intentional.

Something that has me living as close as I can come to my fullest potential and allows others to choose and create the same for themselves.

Are you seeking SOMETHING? TAL is designed to help you seek, and to find your own answers, that work specifically for you.  Sign up for FREE weekly tips & tools below.

The Adventuresome Life

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