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What goes down, must come up!

When something isn’t working for you, switch to something that does – use whatever is available or presents itself in that moment.  Day one was a 7-mile hike down to the floor of the Grand Canyon. I had worn my hiking boots many times before so they were good and broken in. However, about 5 […]


What do you regret having given up on? Where are you considering throwing in the towel? Ask yourself how important it is to you. You can still get back in the game! It only takes one-step in the right direction.

Weekly Challenge

Want to be the Heavyweight Champion of the World…in making choices?

Do you ever feel like you cannot decide what to do? It can be as simple as what to do next in your day-to-day routine, what to wear, which appointment to cancel when you have double-booked yourself (AGAIN) or whether you’re going to go to one grocery store over another. Life decisions, though—many times—are “bigger” […]


The Adventuresome Life

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