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In the wake of terrorist attacks, hate crimes, threats of nuclear war, and an enormous spotlight on divided beliefs and nations – it’s important to remember that we can all do our part.

And what is your part?

The same as mine. The same as hers. The same as his. The same as theirs.

It’s to remember who you really are – underneath all the conflict, drama, intimidation, fear and judgment.

And therefore, to remember those same qualities in others.

Exercise compassion.

A lot of, “I see you in me”. “I see me in you”.

It starts with taking ownership of your own actions, your own words, your own thoughts.

Let’s practice.

Feeling judged or judgmental? Either way, it all comes back to you.

This past week I have spent some time stuck – in the recesses of my own brain. My mind has been meandering the dungeons where all of my dark voices loom and linger.

The voices of my ego come in many forms. The perfectionist. The critic. The berater. The degrader. The pessimist. The victim. And of course, the strings are being pulled by the voice that is really in control of them all: the fear-monger. Continue reading

Give yourself – and everyone else – a freaking break!  For one week. Give up judgment.

You probably don’t realize how often you are using judgment in unnecessary, harmful, and sometimes debilitating ways.

You first have to commit to at least attempting to notice when, where and how often you’re using one of the three forms of judgment detailed in the blog. Continue reading