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Dangerous ENOUGH – that is – to step outside of your comfort zone.

This week’s challenge is all about doing something that is a little – or a lot – out of your ordinary, will make you feel uncomfortable and challenge existing fears,  but will leave you feeling totally exhilarated and elated.

Maybe it’s something BIG like jumping out of a plane – with a parachute of course. (I said dangerous not death wish)

Or committing yourself to a 60-day body transformation challenge. (Watch out on this one – you just might get in the best shape of your life!)

Or simply eating at a new restaurant and/or trying a different food.

Or traveling someplace you’ve never been – maybe even somewhere where you don’t speak the language.

Or taking up a new hobby – something that has interested you since you were a child, but you never got around to doing.

Or sitting down and having a respectable conversation with someone affiliated with a political party different than your own or of a different culture or religion – with the intention of learning more about them.

Or maybe open your heart and allow one of the largest perceived dangers out there into your life – LOVE.

It doesn’t matter what the “dangerous” thing is. It just matters that you do something that you have been putting off or avoiding altogether. Maybe it never occurred to you before.  Or is something completely outside of your box or your perceived realm of possibility. Or you’ve just been too afraid or hurt to try – or try again.

Whatever the “dangerous” thing is for you –  write it down in your FREE TAL 52-Week Adventure Journal. Along with:

Why you want to do it.

Why you haven’t done it up to this point.

What scares you about it?

What excites you.

What are the steps you’re going to take to make it happen?

And make sure to come back to your Journal and write about the experience once you carry it out. And be sure to share with the TAL community below too. It’s important to share our stories of making strides, facing challenges head on and overcoming perceived limitations in our lives, in order to encourage others to do the same for themselves.

We cannot overcome fear with more fear.

We cannot eliminate hatred by hating.

We cannot educate ignorance by being ignorant ourselves.

We must open our hearts. Even when we have been wronged or hurt.

Be gentle with yourself. Every individual’s journey is unique.

But know this.

We must love one another. We must know that our pains and fears are our sisters and brothers’ pains and fears.

We have different stories of how we got where we are, believe what we believe, did what we did, or felt what we felt. Different justifications. Excuses. Circumstances. Challenges. Pains.

Accept it all. In yourself. In others.

Then use that acceptance to create what you want now. And extend it in order to allow others to experience the same.

Don’t forget to write about what you are able to accept this week in your FREE TAL Weekly Challenge Journal.

Feeling judged or judgmental? Either way, it all comes back to you.

This past week I have spent some time stuck – in the recesses of my own brain. My mind has been meandering the dungeons where all of my dark voices loom and linger.

The voices of my ego come in many forms. The perfectionist. The critic. The berater. The degrader. The pessimist. The victim. And of course, the strings are being pulled by the voice that is really in control of them all: the fear-monger. Continue reading

To-do or not to-do? That is the question.

I am that girl. You know the type. The one who has 15 different task lists created and actively running at any given time. And I get an immense amount of satisfaction from getting to check things off my lists.

The problem is, my to-do and task lists rarely leave me feeling like I’ve actually ACCOMPLISHED something. For every item I check off, I add five more. It’s never ending. A dangling carrot, always out of reach. Continue reading

Want to be the Heavyweight Champion of the World…in making choices?

Do you ever feel like you cannot decide what to do? It can be as simple as what to do next in your day-to-day routine, what to wear, which appointment to cancel when you have double-booked yourself (AGAIN) or whether you’re going to go to one grocery store over another.

Life decisions, though—many times—are “bigger” than this. They feel more pressing. They have more effect or consequence in our lives. Continue reading

Scared? Uneasy? Curious? Good. Let’s do this!

Scared? Uneasy? Curious? Good. Let’s do this!

Are you interested in embarking on an Adventure? Oh, I hope so. Because I’m ready. I would love some good peeps to come along for the ride! I feel like every single moment, event, encounter, tear, inspiration, temper tantrum, lesson, manifestation, endeavor and even curse word has led up to this exact point.

Clarity comes when we’re ready. I mean really ready. We may think we’re ready. But then again, maybe not—I call that the fizzle. A fizzle is not a failure. It’s just a rung on the ladder to readiness. And then all of a sudden, like a dodge ball to the face, straight from the one-armed hurl of the biggest kid in third grade, there we find ourselves: lying face up on the gym floor, knocked clean off of our feet, staring at the ceiling. That’s the kind of IMPACT I’m talking about.

You see, I’m a seeker. A searcher. A questioner. Ok, maybe a little bit of an instigator at times (hee hee).  I want to understand and explore. I want to feel. I want to love and live deeply. I want to connect. Learn. Listen. Remember. Create, re-create and co-create. And I want whatever gets in the way of me doing so, namely fear, to get the heck out of my way.

But if I’ve learned anything over my life thus far, it’s that fear doesn’t always show itself willingly. Fear is actually a master of disguise. It will fool you into thinking it’s every other emotion but fear. (HINT: All “negative” emotions are rooted in fear.) But call fear’s bluff (Hey, I’m not angry, I’m actually afraid), and you take away its power.

I have also learned something pivotal. With a little surrender, a lot of willingness, and an arsenal of tools and inspiration, we can release and transform our fears. And that opens up a whole new world of possibilities that we may have never even considered or allowed ourselves to dream.

Awareness of how our fears keep us from living our lives to the fullest is the foundation for living an Adventuresome Life. So when I feel stuck, anxiety-ridden, defensive, paralyzed, angry, unmotivated, depressed, judged or judgmental, numb, addicted, lethargic, vindictive and/or stressed (hopefully not all at once, but it’s been known to happen), I plan to stop and ask myself a question: “Why? What am I afraid of?”

I challenge you to do the same.

Keep following the story you’re telling yourself, keep asking questions. Do it with a friend, or on your own. Be willing to get REALLY HONEST with yourself. And then share what you find. This is a forum to explore and eradicate your fears in order to develop the Adventuresome Life of your choice and design.

Some of my favorite memories and happiest moments are when I have tried something new, overcame a fear, did something I never thought I could do, explored new avenues and took myself out of my comfort zone. I’ve loved it even more when I’ve shared in those experiences with others.

My personal goal is to see and consciously create Adventure every single day. To live, breathe and exist in an adventuresome mode. Dictionary.com defines “adventuresome” as “bold; daring; adventurous.” I agree, but I would add to that definition anything that feels new, a little crazy maybe, overcomes limitations set by ourselves or others, has an element of fun and excitement, offers a fresh perspective, takes us outside of our comfort zones, may feel silly, energizes, feeds our spirit, and propels us along in this journey called life.

I’m starting with this blog. I want to explore. I want to share in this experience with others. I want to identify, understand and ultimately overcome my fears and hear about you overcoming yours. I want to celebrate life through real action that brings me, and all of us, closer to being the human beings we are meant to be. And if we transform our country and our world in the process, well, what an Adventure that will be!

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