Your challenge this week is to notice when and where you’re beating yourself up and/or barraging yourself with questions?

Asking yourself, “Why am I doing what I’m doing? When is the right time to make this next move? How can I possibiliy make the change I’m seeking? Or deal with what I’m dealing with? What now?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re already strong. Strong enough to even ask the questions. Strong enough to face change. To be willing to grow. To want more than what you have accepted up to this point in your life. To dare to dream bigger.

And when you’re unable to identify or tap into your own strength – ask for help. From the universe, God, source energy, your guides, a mentor, a trusted and reliable friend, or whatever form speaks most to your heart and beliefs. “What is this experience here to teach me? What should my next move be? How do I take what has happened or what my current circumstances are and turn it into something that feels good? That betters myself and others in the process?”

The answers might not be instantaneous or obvious, but just by asking the questions – being willing – you open your heart and mind to something different. Something you might not be able to see for yourself. Something lovely, and useful that exists – that is possible – and is just waiting for you to be receptive enough for it to manifest.

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