To someone(s) or something(s) that was once a part of your life.

Open yourself up to the potential for healing.

Physically make contact if you are willing or able, but if not, either way – give thanks for that experience and/or that person – and find appreciation.

If you’re anything like me – which you are, because we’re all more alike than we are different – there are people and parts of your life you have forgotten, let go of, or deliberately left behind.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on. Growing up. Parting ways. Drifting apart. Forging a new path.

But making peace with what has been – if even in your own mind – is a crucial part of your ability to really move forward.

So, let’s play ball!

This week choose someone or something to connect with from your past – in person or in your mind. And find appreciation for the part he, she or it played in the life you are living today.

Maybe that experience or relationship helped you to grow, propelled you forward, made you stronger or more capable. Maybe it humbled you. Maybe it encouraged you or inspired you.

Whatever the case, write it down in your FREE TAL Weekly Adventure Journal.

Remember the blog is a scrimmage. The weekly challenge is game time!

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