I have had to say “Yes” to some seemingly scary things, in order to launch The Adventuresome Life.  Sharing my stories and vulnerabilities.  Taking an unknown leap. Enormous shifts in my career, relationships and life during this process.  Many of which were not comfortable.

And I did all of it because more than my fears of failing, being exposed and judged and not feeling worthy; my fear of never doing it at all is far greater.

More than doing,  The Adventuresome Life is all about being!  Being truthful, being clear, being available, being willing, being fully alive.  And how you can take that and extend it into all areas of your life.

So my challenge to you is to SIGN UP and join The Adventuresome Life community!  Get your free journal, take the quiz, participate in the weekly challenges, and begin taking steps towards living a more Adventuresome life!

All this week, be watching for all the places where you can say “Yes”.  And where the answers may have been or may still be “No”, and explore why.

Recommended Read:  Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person – by Shonda Rhimes

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