Instead of:

  • trying to twist and turn
  • attempting to alter reality
  • constricting yourself
  • flip flopping
  • making something fit
  • talking yourself into what you don’t want
  • convincing yourself to not want what you do
  • justifying
  • excusing
  • forcing

Make it simple.

Pick something. A relationship, a behavior, an experience, a detail or even a thought that is reoccurring, long-standing and has major influence in your life. But hasn’t felt good or healthy to you in a long time.

And crop that shit out! Just this week. Or longer if you like.

Eliminate it. Take it off your radar. Refuse to engage or partake.

It may keep coming up. Or showing up. If so. Keep cropping it out. Just for now.

See what it feels like. Keep track of how you feel. How it affects your mindset and changes your day to day experience.

And remember to write about it in your FREE TAL 52-Week Adventure Journal!

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