For this week’s The Adventuresome Life Challenge, pay attention to whether you’re hanging on with a death grip, flailing around in a panic or if you’re willing and able to take your hands off the lap bar and just enjoy the ride –   in general or with any given subject or scenario of your choosing.

Sometimes in life all you can do is hang on. Ride it out. So, if that’s the case – do that. But loosen your grip a bit. Accept what you need to get through this particular life event or day. Know that relief will come.

Practice letting go. Throw your hands in the air – if even for a moment. See if you can feel the exhilaration. If the release helps at all.

Don’t be afraid.

You’re strapped in. You can always close your eyes and put your hands back on the bar if you need to.

After all, this is your life. YOUR Grand Adventure! Treat it like one.

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