In other words cut yourself some slack.

Quit pressuring yourself into always having to know exactly what to do. Into having all the answers.

Accept your human condition. That you feel pain, discomfort, sadness, disappointment, frustration, anger.  And when you feel those things –  ask for help.

And know that it is there. In some form. In whatever form comforts you, makes sense to you, or resonates with your religion, spirituality, belief system or willingness to explore possibility.

It starts with acknowledging something you want to be different – namely how you feel.

It ends with feeling gratitude for things exactly as they are, and clarity about what now.

If you want more play-by-play specifics on the subject of seeking guidance you can get my friend’s book here by clicking on the below link:

Use Deb’s book as guidance – or seek guidance in your own way. But whatever and however, be sure to write about your experience in your FREE TAL 52-Week Adventure Journal and/or share in the comments below.

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