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Below you’ll find some FREE resources that can help you along your journey. Just follow the links:

(The Adventuresome Life Tell us About You)

This is an opportunity for you to tell us a little more about you, and why you’re here so that we can better serve you. That is its sole purpose. To help TAL deliver content and resources that will be truly helpful. CHECK IT OUT

The TAL Quiz

This quick and easy quiz (there are no wrong answers) is designed to increase your awareness of the level of adventure you are currently willing and able to allow in your life, so you can begin the process of discovering and developing the level of adventure you need and want in order to live your life to the fullest. It’s accessible through this link at any time (so save and star your welcome email). We suggest you periodically retake the quiz to see how you’re opening, expanding and progressing. TAKE THE QUIZ

The TAL 52 Weeks of Adventure Online Journal (printable too)

This journal was developed to support you in your Weekly Adventure Challenges which you will receive each week in your inbox. It’s a place for you to write down the challenges, and explore what comes up for you, gauging and celebrating your growth and development. DOWNLOAD
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader – FREE download here)


If you need a reminder of why you’re here, and what TAL strives to offer/deliver, come back to this Intro blog: Scared? Un-easy? Curious? Good. Let’s do this! Or if you have a friend or family member that you think could benefit from a little ADVENTURE in their life, send them the link. READ IT

I am thrilled you’re here and look forward to exploring with you!

– Dana Shane