What is The Adventuresome Life all about?

Reserve the first weekend in November for The Adventuresome Life’s Inaugural Experiential Retreat & Workshop! It will take place in the Des Moines Metro surrounding area. Expect an Adventure! More details coming soon.

The Adventuresome Life is designed to engage, educate, challenge, support, entertain and inspire you.

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I don’t want you to miss the emails I’ll be sending out in the coming month about the Inaugural Experiential Retreat & Workshop, including more specific details and how you can reserve your spot. Keep your eyes peeled!

2 thoughts on “What is The Adventuresome Life all about?

  1. Nancy Clark

    Eager to see what this is all about. I just retired after 30 years of teaching. I have been single for 10 years. I am struggling to find how to begin this next chapter. I have too much free time and feeling isolated and alone. I no family except one son. All my friends are married. I will probably volunteer at hospital but am trying to find fun things and people to do .
    I got your name via Deb Engle.

    1. Dana Shane Post author

      Hi Nancy. Thanks for leaving a comment and sharing a little bit about yourself and your personal story. Aren’t we lucky to share a friend like Deb! I think the only thing we can count on for sure is that things will change over time. You never know what waits around the next corner or could happen in the next moment. The Adventuresome Life is all about accepting that fact, learning to embrace it and using it to empower ourselves. You’re signed up so watch your inbox for weekly emails and updates that will include tips, tools and inspiration on these very matters.

      In the meantime,I encourage you to read Deb’s new book, “Let Your Spirit Guides Speak”. “Loneliness” is a common thread in our human condition – as Deb’s book attests. She does an exceptional job of reminding us that we are never alone.

      Keep challenging yourself to get out, try new things, meet new people, and do things that you enjoy doing and fill your spirit.

      Remember, It’s ALL an Adventure! (if we can just see it that way).

      I’ll be sending out info on the Inaugural event which will take place the first weekend in November. It will be a chance to meet new people and have some new, fun and challenging experiences in a safe, supportive setting. Maybe you can join us?

      And I would also like to say ‘Thank you’ for all of your years of service as a teacher and educator! Sounds like you’re going through a pretty big life transition. Try to offer yourself patience, tenderness and time to adjust and learn – as I’m sure you did for your students all those years.


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