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In the wake of terrorist attacks, hate crimes, threats of nuclear war, and an enormous spotlight on divided beliefs and nations – it’s important to remember that we can all do our part.

And what is your part?

The same as mine. The same as hers. The same as his. The same as theirs.

It’s to remember who you really are – underneath all the conflict, drama, intimidation, fear and judgment.

And therefore, to remember those same qualities in others.

Exercise compassion.

A lot of, “I see you in me”. “I see me in you”.

It starts with taking ownership of your own actions, your own words, your own thoughts.

Let’s practice.

We cannot overcome fear with more fear.

We cannot eliminate hatred by hating.

We cannot educate ignorance by being ignorant ourselves.

We must open our hearts. Even when we have been wronged or hurt.

Be gentle with yourself. Every individual’s journey is unique.

But know this.

We must love one another. We must know that our pains and fears are our sisters and brothers’ pains and fears.

We have different stories of how we got where we are, believe what we believe, did what we did, or felt what we felt. Different justifications. Excuses. Circumstances. Challenges. Pains.

Accept it all. In yourself. In others.

Then use that acceptance to create what you want now. And extend it in order to allow others to experience the same.

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