can you order gabapentin online If you’re feeling lost, confused, frustrated or unsure of what your next move should be – cut yourself some slack.  In other words, take the tension out of the situation.

gabapentin buy online australia The tension comes from the pressure we put on ourselves to always know exactly what we need to do, at the exact time that it needs to happen.

best free dating sites canada 2019 Slack in your rope – and in your life – gives you wiggle room. A little space to breathe. A chance to remember that you can and will get things figured out. On your schedule. With what you are meant to learn. And including the gifts that only you can share.

san diego dating scene 2019 Figuring it all out as we go IS the Adventure we call Life!

It would be so boring to always know our next move or what comes next. We would have zero appreciation, and no feelings of accomplishment or satisfaction if all the answers were just handed to us.

So just like the sun keeps shining behind the clouds – your light (the essence of who you are) is still burning brightly even on your darkest of days. And remembering that fact, can be just enough slack to help you wiggle free, take a deep breath, and plot a new course.

Ever been lost – literally or figuratively? Lost now? Share below how you’re cutting yourself some slack.


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