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There’s nothing quite like “losing” to remind you how much you’ve really won – if you’ll allow it

Hi all. Just wanted to offer an update on the 60-Day Body Transformation Challenge.

I am not the $10,000 winner, if you hadn’t already heard.


For all the finalists, the hard work it took and sacrifices we made to accomplish the results we did in such a short period of time, is something we all share and only we can truly understand. But even more so, to put ourselves out there in such a public and vulnerable way, in order to be judged, required a lot of courage.

I took myself out of my comfort zone once again! Good always comes from that.

Proud to have been listed alongside the other 4 national finalists. And congratulations to Kim C., fellow Des Moines’ club member, the $10,000 winner!

Thanks again to everyone who offered support and encouragement during this process. In particular, my trainer at Lifetime, Payton Mass. As I said in my essay, he saw what I was capable of before I could see it in myself. If you’re looking for someone to be in your court, to help you bust through limitations you have placed on yourself – with just the right amount of comforting support mixed with a dose of “Get off your ass and do it” – he’s your man!

(Actually, he never cussed at me – although I’m fairly certain I might have thrown a couple of profanities at him – lovingly!)

And special thanks to my friend’s Teresa Speck and Debra Prentice, my son Street and the strongest woman I know – even if my muscles are bigger – my mom, Vicky Dishman. They, more than anybody, were there for the day-in and day-out of this process – all the highs and lows – and loved me anyway.

My pocketbook may not be full – but my heart certainly is!

I can sum this experience up with one quote, “She has fire in her soul & grace in her heart” – unknown

If this story resonates with you in any way or reminds you of an example of loss or grace in your own life please share in the comments below.