Everything old CAN be new again

The great Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “He who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead.”

As we grow older and begin thinking that we have it all figured out – or at least thinking we should by now – we often deduce that there is nothing to look forward to in this life. If even in the background of our thoughts – our subconscious.

We’ve done what we knew to do. Lived a “good” life. Done the “right” things. Been “good” people.

And still consistent peace and happiness evades us.

So, we trudge through the monotony of day to day life looking for meaning, a glimpse of joy, relief from our worries – or just how to survive the day.

The bliss of weddings turns into the work of marriages or the devastation of divorce.

The gift of a newborn becomes the challenge of raising a teenager.

The security of family is forced to endure hardship and loss as people begin coping with health issues and death.

The excitement and sparkle of a new home becomes a never-ending and ruthless money-pit of needed repairs, upgrades and replacements.

The pursuit of a career and success becomes just doing a job, second guessing everything you’ve built or desperately trying to figure things out when your circumstances change suddenly and unexpectedly.

The thrill of physical challenge and pushing limits becomes aches, pains and ultimately the cortisone shots or surgeries of today.

We can become hardened over the years. Less receptive to new ideas. More frustrated by the changes and speed of life.

Worn out.

We may live in guilt or anger about our past mistakes or the mistakes of others.

We may feel that things are unfair or that the best has already happened.


What do all of these things have in common?

They include some form of worry.

Our minds bombard us with regret, daunting tasks, fear, anxiety, to-dos or else, should haves, could haves, perceived loss and remorse – on a daily basis.

Sometimes all at once.

No, really!

Have you ever checked your thoughts in a meltdown moment?

I can pretty much guarantee all the worry-wart-isms above will be present in what you’re telling yourself during said meltdown.


You ever WONDER how you can change all that?

If you do, you’re on the right track.

In our almost constant state of worry we completely miss the WONDER – the awe – of life.


What’s happening in the outside world around us is not where the issue lies – nor where you will find the answer. You must venture into the recesses of your mind.


Instead of saying –

I don’t know what to do about…

I’m worried about…

I can’t or I don’t want to because…

I should do this…

I could have done that…

I need to…


Try a little WONDER on for size –

I wonder what will happen?

I wonder how this experience will help me grow?

I wonder what it will be like?

I wonder what I can bring to this situation or relationship?

I wonder how much fun I can have?

I wonder what I can learn from this person or experience?

I wonder what we can create?

I wonder how this will unfold?

I wonder what this all means?


3 things are guaranteed to happen when you ask a WONDER QUESTION of yourself:

  • It will immediately take the edge off your worry and help you realize things are not as bad or as daunting as they seem.
  • You will see things in a whole new light – much like a child witnessing colorful, bursting fireworks in the sky for the very first time.
  • You will release yourself from feeling the need to have all the answers. You become a player in this Adventure called life.


Allow yourself to WONDER at least a little – every single day – and escape the clutches of worry. Your heart will open. You will experience acceptance, advancement, fun, forgiveness, breath, movement, letting go, love, beauty and awe.


Life is nothing BUT a state of wonder really.

Allow yourself to witness the masterpiece.

To experience the miracles.

To appreciate every moment.



What are you wondering about today? Or start with what you’re worried about. Put it in the form of a wonder question and be sure to share your question below.

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