Have you ever heard about or seen video of a person or people lifting a vehicle off of a victim trapped underneath?

How does that happen?

It’s a miracle right?

You may be surprised to learn that a miracle is nothing more than a shift in perception.

The key to those super-human moments, is people getting out of their own way, and allowing the seemingly impossible to be possible.

The miracle that allows one human to lift a car off of another human, is the same miracle that can allow you to have a different experience in your own life whether that’s healing a relationship, digging yourself out of a hole, changing the trajectory of your life, or just simply feeling better and experiencing more joy.

Our minds want to do the exact opposite of what actually needs to happen.

We want to figure it out. Know all the answers. Fix it. Make things happen.

If the person who was about to lift the car stopped to figure out how it was all going to happen, it wouldn’t. Or it would be too late by the time the tow truck arrived.

Your ONLY part is to be open and willing to seeing things differently than what your current perceptions allow.

Don’t you think the same shift in perception that allows a person to lift a car off of another human being, is probably capable of allowing similar shifts and weights to be lifted off of you in your day to day life?

What do you need lifted off of you?

Write about it in your TAL Adventure Journal and then make a declaration to see it differently – to allow a shift in your perception.

Take the additional challenge of avoiding the attempt to make anything happen.

Just be willing. Allow. Repeat.

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