We all have our moments.

Admit it. You’ve thought of other people as assholes. You’ve probably even yelled it out your car window. Or at least said it under your breath.

And let’s face it, you’ve been the asshole too.

I would say my top 3 “most vulnerable to being an asshole moments” come when:

1) I’m driving.  I bravely and belligerently call people out on their shit, when I feel safe behind the wheel of my own car. Just ask my poor son who has been mortified to witness such occasions.

2) my favorite college team – Go Hawks – is playing a rival.  I grew up a Hawkeye fan. It’s my alma mater. And my predisposition to want to demolish the “other” team is deeply ingrained.

3) I’m parenting. I consider being a mom the most rewarding and challenging role I play in my life, all rolled up into one. Parenting can bring out the best and worst in us all. All of our “stuff” gets projected on to our children. And then they have tendency to serve up exactly what we need for us to get over our stuff – however uncomfortable and disconcerting that might be.

For this week, I’m attempting to take the “asshole” element out of the equation.

We all make mistakes when we’re driving. I’m going to quit behaving like I never do.

I am a Hawkeye fan through and through. I can support, cheer for, and celebrate them without needing to despise the competition.

When parenting my son, I am reminded that there is always the option to set aside anger, breaking old habits and patterns.

It’s the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would want them to treat you.

Check yourself. If you’re feeling a sense of superiority, entitlement or blame, the potential for being an asshole in that moment is high.

After all, the only thing that seems to stop an asshole battle, is when someone within the encounter decides to stop being an asshole.

As soon at least one party involved is willing to put their dukes down – a space opens up – and the need for defensiveness is disarmed.

This week, I’m asking you to be that person.

Find a way. If even in one instance in your life. And then write about it in your FREE 52 Week Adventuresome Life Journal.

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