Give yourself – and everyone else – a freaking break!  For one week. Give up judgment.

You probably don’t realize how often you are using judgment in unnecessary, harmful, and sometimes debilitating ways.

You first have to commit to at least attempting to notice when, where and how often you’re using one of the three forms of judgment detailed in the blog.

Cliff Notes Version: It’s pretty much all the time, everywhere with everyone and everything.

You can’t stop your judgmental thoughts from happening.

You can practice meditation in order to clear your mind – temporarily.

You might be able to slow down your thoughts.

Become more aware.

Have moments of relief.

Watch them come. Let them go.

But you can’t STOP them, per se.

You CAN however, choose to not attach to them. Or act in response to them.

And no need to waste time and energy attempting to solve the anomaly of why your thoughts are what they are.

(But if you have some spare time, and you figure it out, please let me know.)

Recent scientific studies suggest that we may be born with a threshold or baseline for negative or positive thoughts.  And hurts and pains we experience throughout life can alter that threshold.

We seemingly inherit some of our patterns of thinking (what we think about, how we think, and how often) through genetics, biology, chemistry, psychology, physiology, and of course sociology.

The people who influence us in our families, friendships, fun and work throughout our lives factor in.

Our chosen fields of education, study or career have an effect.

Some people believe we bring the experience of past lives into this life.

Your religious or spiritual beliefs will certainly have significance when it comes to what you think.

But no matter how our thoughts become what they are, we don’t have to buy into them. Give them energy, or force or even meaning.

We attach to our thoughts like they’re facts. Like they are actually taking place right in this moment. Like live theater playing out in front of us.

When really our thoughts are often just our opinions, an analysis of our own perceptions, however real or imagined.

And we perpetuate our thoughts, and the impact they have on our psyche, by complaining to others or gossiping about others – seeking reinforcement for our illusions – in order to validate our feelings and self- worth.

We are not our thoughts. And our thoughts about others, or their thoughts about us, don’t necessarily – and more often than not –make a thought so.

But when we buy into thoughts being truth or reality, our experience of the world becomes a manifestation of those exact thoughts.

So why not set aside those thoughts that are hurtful, fearful, damaging, paralyzing. And just accept, allow and enjoy. Give it a try!

I’m not saying it will be easy. But it’s called the TAL weekly CHALLENGE for a reason.

Of course, maybe the thought that it will be hard, is the only thing that makes it hard.  Trippy…I know!

Notice your judgments. Release them. Allow what is. Continue to practice.

You cannot control what others say or do. But you can control what you’re willing to participate in. What you want to see – In yourself. In others. In the world.

And the only way to lessen the effects of feeling judged is to stop judging others.

Remember, the voice we listen to in our own minds is the voice we will see in others and extend out into the world.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t use your “better judgment” to make decisions in life. But I am saying that you don’t have to let ALL the judgments swimming around in your head run the show.

Just let go.

Know that you are not your thoughts!

They are just thoughts.

Drop unneeded judgment. Feel better. Enjoy more. Extend love. Contribute to inclusion and solutions.

Create the Adventuresome life of your choosing.

Write about your judgment cleanse in your Free TAL Weekly Adventure Journal – without judgment of course!

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