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In the case of the disappearing blog, any thought, feeling or emotion I had about what had happened was not going to bring my deleted file back. Spending time being disappointed, frustrated, angry, sad or irritated about it was not getting me any closer to having a completed blog ready to publish.

Was it expected that losing my work was initially upsetting? YES.

But what did I really want?

To be upset?

OR to have a completed blog that I was excited to share?

Both could happen simultaneously, but the latter would be much more difficult to achieve – if not impossible – as long as I stayed in the energy of the former.

The only way to allow the flow of ideas to start making their way into my brain again was to let go of what had just happened – making room for what now.

Sometimes life is a bit like a magic trick – Now you see it, now you don’t.

But just as quickly as things can disappear, something new can and will appear.

What grievances, disappointments or sorrow are you holding onto that may be stopping you from creating or recognizing a new, desirable outcome?

Write about it in your FREE TAL 52-Week Adventure Journal. Acknowledge it . Let it go. Then allow the ensuing flow to help you create what you really want.