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In the case of the disappearing blog, any thought, feeling or emotion I had about what had happened was not going to bring my deleted file back. Spending time being disappointed, frustrated, angry, sad or irritated about it was not getting me any closer to having a completed blog ready to publish.

Was it expected that losing my work was initially upsetting? YES.

But what did I really want?

To be upset?

OR to have a completed blog that I was excited to share?

Both could happen simultaneously, but the latter would be much more difficult to achieve – if not impossible – as long as I stayed in the energy of the former.

The only way to allow the flow of ideas to start making their way into my brain again was to let go of what had just happened – making room for what now.

Sometimes life is a bit like a magic trick – Now you see it, now you don’t.

But just as quickly as things can disappear, something new can and will appear.

What grievances, disappointments or sorrow are you holding onto that may be stopping you from creating or recognizing a new, desirable outcome?

Write about it in your FREE TAL 52-Week Adventure Journal. Acknowledge it . Let it go. Then allow the ensuing flow to help you create what you really want.

If you’re feeling lost, confused, frustrated or unsure of what your next move should be – cut yourself some slack.  In other words, take the tension out of the situation.

The tension comes from the pressure we put on ourselves to always know exactly what we need to do, at the exact time that it needs to happen.

Slack in your rope – and in your life – gives you wiggle room. A little space to breathe. A chance to remember that you can and will get things figured out. On your schedule. With what you are meant to learn. And including the gifts that only you can share.

Figuring it all out as we go IS the Adventure we call Life!

It would be so boring to always know our next move or what comes next. We would have zero appreciation, and no feelings of accomplishment or satisfaction if all the answers were just handed to us.

So just like the sun keeps shining behind the clouds – your light (the essence of who you are) is still burning brightly even on your darkest of days. And remembering that fact, can be just enough slack to help you wiggle free, take a deep breath, and plot a new course.

Ever been lost – literally or figuratively? Lost now? Share below how you’re cutting yourself some slack.


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In other words cut yourself some slack.

Quit pressuring yourself into always having to know exactly what to do. Into having all the answers.

Accept your human condition. That you feel pain, discomfort, sadness, disappointment, frustration, anger.  And when you feel those things –  ask for help.

And know that it is there. In some form. In whatever form comforts you, makes sense to you, or resonates with your religion, spirituality, belief system or willingness to explore possibility.

It starts with acknowledging something you want to be different – namely how you feel.

It ends with feeling gratitude for things exactly as they are, and clarity about what now.

If you want more play-by-play specifics on the subject of seeking guidance you can get my friend’s book here by clicking on the below link:

Use Deb’s book as guidance – or seek guidance in your own way. But whatever and however, be sure to write about your experience in your FREE TAL 52-Week Adventure Journal and/or share in the comments below.

We cannot overcome fear with more fear.

We cannot eliminate hatred by hating.

We cannot educate ignorance by being ignorant ourselves.

We must open our hearts. Even when we have been wronged or hurt.

Be gentle with yourself. Every individual’s journey is unique.

But know this.

We must love one another. We must know that our pains and fears are our sisters and brothers’ pains and fears.

We have different stories of how we got where we are, believe what we believe, did what we did, or felt what we felt. Different justifications. Excuses. Circumstances. Challenges. Pains.

Accept it all. In yourself. In others.

Then use that acceptance to create what you want now. And extend it in order to allow others to experience the same.

Don’t forget to write about what you are able to accept this week in your FREE TAL Weekly Challenge Journal.

Seek to understand more. To gain a new way of seeing. To be more open.

Joy comes with knowing you can’t possibly figure it all out.

The not knowing – and acceptance of it – is the sweet spot. It’s the space where answers come.

Connect with your inner-child, which is always there, and keep asking questions.

A questioning nature opens your heart, helps you feel alive, allows you to grow and to experience more Adventure!

Make sure to record your questions – and your discoveries –  in your FREE weekly TAL Adventure Journal.